Which is the cleanest fuel class 8?

Hydrogen gas is considered the cleanest fuel because it only produces water vapor when it burns in air. C) Coke is an almost pure form of carbon. True) D) Coal tar is a mixture of several substances. C) anthracite Anthracite coal has the highest carbon content and is the cleanest form of coal.

D) non-renewable and cannot be recycled Fossil fuels are not renewable and cannot be recycled because they form extremely slowly (in millions of years) from the dead remains of living organisms and their consumption rate is higher than their replenishment rate. All combustible substances are non-combustible because many of them produce less heat for a particular amount of energy that is consumed when burned and leave a high ash content; for example, paper, cloth, etc. NCERT solutions for Class 8 Science Chapter 5 Coal And Petroleum are provided here with a simple step by step explanations step by step. Fuel is a substance that when burned releases a large amount of energy in the form of heat at a reasonable cost and leaves little ash content.

Oil, coal and natural gas are fossil fuels, which form after the dead remains of living organisms are buried under the sea and land through natural processes such as compression. D) Hydrogen Fossil fuels are fuels that naturally form from the dead remains of living organisms in millions of years. Fossil fuels are exhaustible natural resources, such as limited reserves of fossil fuels such as coal, oil and natural gas. These Coal and Petroleum Solutions are extremely popular with Class 8 students because Science Coal And Petroleum Solutions are useful for quickly completing homework and preparing for exams.

In addition, the necessary high temperature and pressure conditions for the conversion of cadavers to fossil fuel cannot be created in a laboratory. Fuels that form from the dead remains of living organisms by natural processes are called fossil fuels. All NCERT Class 8 Book Science Chapter 5 questions and answers are provided here free of charge.

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